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Audiopraline presents:Follow-Up Interview Sequence with Radion6 #002

Its been less than 5 months since Audiopraline first presented the new rising star on the electronic scene, Radion6. For this time, he managed to set his career going faster than light- two killer remixes, new radio show, first gig and a bunch of new tracks prepared and ready to go during the next months. Now Radion6 is back with this follow-up interview he gave just a week after his live performance in Bucharest, Romania, part of Sander van Doorn World Tour Eleve11. Lets see what this rapidly growing artist has to say to all of us!

Q: Hello Ruud and welcome again on Audiopraline! Last weekend you performed live in Bucharest on stage with Sander van Doorn,  Snatt & Vix and Jetro. That was actually your first gig as Radion6, right? Would you, please tell us something more about it?
A: Hello Yana, Thank you for being back! 
About the first Radion6 gig in Bucharest- it was amazing! Let me tell you about the experience. I arrived on Thursday to meet the organizers from Xteria. We went to the arena where the party would take place on Friday. We looked at the venue and it was great to see how professional the organizers put this stage and sound together. On Friday Xteria asked me to go with them to the airport to meet Sander van Doorn and it was really nice to see him again after 6 years!It was so special to have time to spend with him, knowing that he is such a busy guy at this moment! That showed to me how he really is as a person. Then we did the sound check and also the visuals with the light jockey of Sander van Doorn. He actually was my first light jockey when I was 16 in the club where I started my DJ career! This was so cool to meet Michael again. So after the sound check I went to the hotel to prepare for the show at the evening.
    On the night of the event I had to play after Jetro. A very nice young talented guy who lives in Romania. I was really nervous before the start. My set was from 23.00 till 1.00, just before Sander van Doorn. My god, since I started the special intro film I made for this event and opened with my remix of Sunrise, the people went absolutely crazy. During the set I became more relaxed again! The energy and great atmosphere stayed during the whole set from the start to the end. What an audience this is in Bucharest! I loved my first gig, it was so nice! I think it's really special that people appreciate and value my work. It really motivates me to produce even more and better.
    Thank you so much, Bucharest for the great experience during my first gig as Radion6. Also thanks to Xteria for the good care. Thanks Sander van Doorn and his management for letting me play on his world tour. Also the security guys for being so nice and cool and the great time while driving me through Bucharest! And of course, thank you Yana, as well for being on this first gig !

Q: The reactions on the social networks are incredible. How was the crowd in Bucharest?
A: Yes, it was not expected to be this big in the social media, so many films on YouTube, so many great reactions. The people were so nice to give me such a warm welcome! They are such an open crowd! So much energy and joy! When I came back after the performance for pictures and signing autographs they where all so kind! They are great!

Q: In your set you premiered your new track. When is it going to be released?
A: Yes I premiered my new track called BU-Tiful. The track will be released on the 12th of December 2011. So it will be next month. Hopefully people will like the track as the crowd reacted on it in Bucharest.

Q: On 27th Oct, 2011 was aired the first episode of your radio show Mind Sensation on AH.FM. What is the concept behind it and what makes it different from the other artists` radio shows and podcasts?
A: Yes, and I’m really proud to have my own slot on AH.FM. This is a great way to express the Radion6 identity. Of course I have the productions, people get to know Radion6, but new productions will be out every 2 months or maybe longer sometimes. This radio show is monthly so people can listen every 4th Thursday of the month. In Mind Sensation I can show the identity of Radion6 in another dimension. I will select tracks from other artists which I like, so I can tell a story to my fans. I will do this during my gigs as well, but the show will have more relax music, cause it depends on where you listen it. Could be on your mp3 player or on the computer or one your big speakerset. So it will be  bit different than my life performance. I really hope people like the way I select and mix the tracks for the radio show. Also I believe people will have an hour of Mind Sensation. That’s why I named my show this way!

Radion6 - Mind Sensation Episode 001 27-10-2011 by Mind Sensation

Q: As a final, what would you say especially to the young people who follow you? A simple message or advice about life in general?
A: I would say to the young people, try to find what you really like to do with passion. If you really love what you do, you also need to believe in it and you will get what you want! Everything is possible! You only need to work hard for it! But as long as it is your passion you really don’t care if you have to work hard, it is hard to stop with it actually!

Thank you! Looking forward to talk to you again on Audiopraline!

You are more than welcome, thank you again and till the next time!

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