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Audioptraline presents: Special Interviews Sequence with Radion6

Announcing 2011 as a birth year of Radion6 project, Ruud Kretzers came into sight with impressive background as a producer. Introduced to piano at the age of 3, he was cradled surrounded by music.The desire to mix and produce came naturally for the future founder of Radion6, being charmed by the electronic sound at early teenage.

With his catchy, intelligent tracks, mastered to perfection, there is no wonder Radion6 production is between the most demanded on the trance and progressive trance scene at the moment.
I was really surprised to discover that Radion6 is giving his first official interview ever exclusively for Audiopraline, which makes everything about it even more special.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, its a great honor and pleasure for me to present Radion6 here on Audiopraline!
Enjoy the interview!

Q: Hi Ruud and thank you for agreeing to this interview! Really happy to have you on Audiopraline not only because I really have a special attitude to your production but also as long as I google right, there is no Radion 6 interview published in the net so far, is this correct?
A: Hello Yana, nice to have an interview with you! No, until now there is no interview yet, because I decided to start the act since the spring of 2011 so nobody knew who Radion6 is. So you will be the first one who will have an interview with me :)

Q: That`s absolutely amazing, feel blessed about it! Who introduced you to the world of electronic music? Tell us, please your story as a producer? And what is in common between Radion 6 and the legendary 4 Strings project?
A: I’m already for a long time addicted to music, since my childhood. I started dj-ing in the late 90’s and since 2008 I started to test my producing skills. My first track was released in 2009 on Spinnin’ Records. My connection with 4 Strings is that Carlo is a good friend of mine. He assisted me in the studio in the beginning and he still does sometimes.

Q: Tell us something about your childhood. Have you been raised surrounded by EDM sound or you discovered it by yourself? Which song or artist did you favorite first, do you remember?
A: I was a young guy who loved music from his first day on the Earth. My parents told me that when I was very young I have always tried to be around the radio and play music since age of three. Then I became a fan of house music and techno. I liked 2 Unlimited when Ray and Anita were still on the scene. So I think I am a big fan of EDM since my early age. Tiësto was the first dj I followed since 1996 I believe.

Q: What is the attitude in Holland to all this huge amount of DJs and producers? Is it a big deal to release a track or remix or its just something ordinary considering all young people who are obviously raised with the EDM sound and since early age they learn how to play with it?
A: Let me tell you- the first time I started dj-ing at the age of 16, almost nobody was dj-ing. Since I decided to start the act of Radion6 nowadays it is much more difficult to get back in the scene again, because today there are 300.001 DJs. So you need to be different and unique- this is the only chance to come up with successful production, hoping to have a hit like Tim Berg for example, with his track Bromance he became a star. But it is not just here in the Netherlands that we have a lot of DJs and producers. It depends also on what genre is played on festivals and clubs.

Q: Would you please describe the club culture in Holland, particularly in Amsterdam and the other cities? What is the audience like, apparently very spoiled?
A: At the moment the scene is directed more to dub step and Dutch house or Dirty house. It’s the style which artists in the likes of Chucky and Afrojack are making music at the moment.The people are spoiled over here cause every week we have a festival or big event in some clubs with lots of DJs, so people need to choose where they want to go. It is a hard business for the clubs and festivals to get enough people to come to their parties because we can choose between many.

Q: Do you actually DJ or you stick to the studio work?
A: I want to start dj-ing as well but also to continue my work in the studio. So you will still have my own production to enjoy but also hopefully you will find me soon somewhere nearby to hear my live sets and my guest mixes on the radio stations as well.

Q: Tell us about your collabs with Sied van Riel? How do you guys found each other producing music together?
A: Sied van Riel releases his productions on Spinnin’ Records, which is my label too, so our A&R suggested a collaboration between us.

Q: Quite busy in the studio lately, great number of very successful releases for the last year. What to expect from Radion 6 this summer?
 A: First of all thanks for the nice complement! You can expect the new remix of Sunrise on the 25th of July and on the 25th of August you will hear a new remix called Wonderfooled for my two friends Shato and Rockseek. Later this year I expect the release of my own original track as well, called “Beautiful People” but no idea when is the release date. A lot of new tracks to come up with soon :))

Q: By the way Stuck in Rio is my favorite Radion 6 track, reminds me of a nature, science, Discovery Channel don’t know why J What is your fave track from you own production? Is there a really special one for you?
A: Not really, I love working on every new track. Because for me producing is a passion and emotion and with every new track I try to find a better way to express them. So I always try to improve my sound each time.

Q: And finally Audiopraline`s sweetest question: Are you a sports fan and if yes, whats you favorite sport club or athlete?
A: Hehe nice question. I love sports. At the moment I play tennis myself (if I have time). But I don’t really have a favorite sport. I like to watch soccer, tennis, Formula 1 and much more. So I like very different sports and every sport has its unique athletes who can catch my interest or become inspiration for me. For example the technique of  Messi or the way Federer designs his strategy during a final. It is beautiful to see what we humans can doJ  I must say: I have a favorite club since my youth and it is still AC Milan. If I have time to watch them playing. But nowadays I’m very busy, so missing a lot!

Thank you very much!
Also thanks to you for having this interview!

His incredible remix of the classic Sunrise is out on 25, July 2011 on Beatport. For more information please follow Radion6 on Facebook and visit his official web site.

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