Monday, 22 November 2010

Audiopraline`s "EDM Sweethearts" sequence presents: Arty

In the "EDM Sweethearts" series I will present you those phenomenal young artist who constantly amaze me with their production, enthusiasm, devotion, humility and... age!

For the last few years we witnessed the advance of many young producers who captured the hearts together of  fans and great DJs like Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk and Markus Schulz. Some of them are so young, that in practice, have years ahead to "wait", until they can legally enter a night club. Im talking about ages 15-16, considering they have started producing back in time, when exactly- only the boys themselves know.

Sometimes I think those young DJs were gifted with pro synthesizer when they were still in cradle, otherwise I cant conceive how they could develop so fast, with such great sense and taste about music. But what I noticed is that most of them have started with classic piano education and thats what created them as artists, including my beloved Glenn Morrison who is a little bit grown up now and will not fit in this section :)))

Now Im starting with.. Artem Stolyarov, a.k.a. Arty! Just say that name and you already know he is a sweetheart! But then listen one of his literally hundreds released tracks and remixes, and you face a genuine artist. His productions sound so mature and completed, that its hard to believe he just turned 21 couple of months ago!

Arty has enormous amount of fans all over the world, who know his productions and could analyze his work much better than me, so I wont try to do that. I will simply do what I usually do about every artist I present: tell you how I feel about the music and give you all useful links.

The links you need at first follow below the text, regarding how I feel about Arty- I love his progressive touch, though he is classified as a trance producer. I love his taste of music- unfortunately he doesnt keep a podcast or radio show going, so its hard to find Arty mixed sets in the net, but the few I have are between the most played and trust me I download huge amount of mixes, some of which go deleted almost immediately I play them, because ..well, lets say it straight- its just hard to find a good mix for the car, for jogging, for all.  Arty is.. love at first hearing- easily goes directly to the most favorite playlist. And I heard from a good friend of mine who happens to chat with Arty sometimes, that he is absolutely cute, opened and kind to all his fans. Well, thats why Arty becomes Audiopraline`s EDM Sweetheart №1!

Super massive database about all Russian DJs. Here you can find perfectly organized all Arty releases- hold breath and keep scrolling, it just doesnt seem to end. Its only in Russian so you can use Google translate about the bio part.

Arty Facebook fan page:!/group.php?gid=374324262327

You can find his productions also released under the name Alpha 9:

Probably the best Arty remix so far with special shout out to Sherry, who guides me through the world of trance and is my unconditional friend in good and bad (and happen to chat with Arty ;)

Arty live:

Hope you enjoy it! Take care, I`ll be back soon with another "EDM Sweetheart"