Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Audiopraline presents: Special Interviews Sequence with Mr. Pit


Ladies and Gentlemen, with great pleasure I`d like to present the second interview I did for my newest and most challenging sequence in Audiopraline- The Special Interviews.
My guest this time is from Romania and he is as kind and generous as one can be. His progressive tracks are banging the scenes for several years now and that seems only the beginning of a remarkable presence in the world of electronic music. For my guest, the wizard DJ and producer, Markus Schulz says: "I dont think there has been a live set in the last 2 years, when I havent featured one of his tracks." Isnt that impressive?

Ladies and Gentlemen,it`s a great honour for me to present Mr. Pit! I hope you enjoy the conversation!

Q: Hi Adrian! Welcome to Audiopraline`s world and thank you so much for agreeing to this interview! How did you actually started DJing and producing? Who inspired you then and who or what inspires you today?
A: Hi Yana and thanks for having me for this interview. Well, I think 99% of EDM producers have started doing music due to their love for the music. It happend in 96 when I started to play with sounds as hobby then I took it more serious when I realized that I can come with something personal. Listening to music I was figuring out how music layers have been done, what musical instruments were used in tracks, you know, kind of visualizing music. I was always inspired by diversity, sometimes my mood is the inspiration for the sounds. I made my stage debut back in 2003 at the biggest Romanian EDM event at the time TM Base. I sent them a demo as I was playing live with keyboards, synths and stuff like that, they liked it and invited me to make a performance at the event. I was so proud playing in front of ~1500 ppl for my first ever gig. I started Dj-ing since 2007 with small local gigs, since then I got gig requests due to the fact music lovers wanted to hear my music.

Q: As we all know Markus Schulz announced your track Sky Traffic for best tune of 2010, congratulations about that! Tell us, please how does it feel to be his most favorite producer?
A: Thank you! There is no doubt, that was a big honor for me being nominated for the second time by Markus Schulz, first time as the breakthrough dj in 2008 then as the favorite track producer in 2010. Markus is one of my favorite dj/producers in the industry so I'd say the "chemistry" works very well. Nevertheless him and Coldharbour staff really helped me to have my productions noticed by huge audience, I'm really thankful.

Q: You are between the most productive DJs and artists in the world, have you got any planned projects you would share with us?
A: Thank you for including me in that cathegory of producers, actually I'm just doing my job trying to get best sounds to music lovers. As you might know, I work under different monikers, as Mr. Pit you might expect new energetic club tracks in the near future, as well as under my real name I'm preparing a collaboration with the legendary producer Mike Dierickx known as M.I.K.E./Push.  Last but not least, few remixes for some of the biggest names in the industry are in progress, hopefully we will reveal them soon.

Fan Q, Sherry Bhullar, Canada: Many fans of online communities have remarked on the clever names and often thought-provoking phrases you give to your productions. Does each track title have a personal story behind it?
A: Sometimes I try to associate the title of the track with the mood it induces, sometimes I feel the track is just for fun and I give a propper name, music is fun and entertainment, people should not forget this!

Q: So many young producers all over the world sprig up lately, most of them really talented and devoted to DJing and producing. What would you, Mr. Pit advice them? Any tips, suggestions?
A: Oh, I'm not sure I'm the right person to be asked about this, but there are few things for young producers or newcomers that should be followed as the first steps into music industry. Besides working hard is a must follow advice, I believe that the best advice could be given is: let the history be written itself, don't push it!

Q: What is your most memorable gig so far and have you ever been invited to play in Bulgaria?
 A: This is one of questions I try to avoid. Any gig is special in its own way due to location, time, crowd, weather, all gigs are memorable, If a gig isn't memorable, you shouldn't have been there... I would love to play in Bulgaria our neighbour country, unfortunately never played there before.

Q: Hopefully thats pretty soon is going to change! And finally Audiopraline`s sweetest question: what is your favorite dessert and do you love to dance?
A: Thanks for this one, I love desserts, fruits, sweets, cakes whatever they all make our life more beautiful! I love dancing, but what I do is calling "body moving" instead of dance ! :)

Plesire: Thank you so much, Adrian! Totally enjoyed it and really appreciate it:))


  1. amazing producer and as it seems from the interview very outgoing person ^^ Hope Mr Pit pay a visit to Bulgaria soon :)

  2. It depends from the clubs- if they invite him, he will come here. So what we can do is to request this DJ on clubs` mails or social network pages. Give them a shout "We want Mr. Pit in Bulgaria!" :))