Thursday, 10 November 2011

Leave the banging club tunes for the weekend, stay focused now.

Above & Beyond - Anjunabeats Volume 9 by Anjunabeats

If there is a compilation which stands out in 2011 among the others, this is it!

Outstanding melodic trance tunes, which even your impassive boss would listen. If there is someone you want to draw into trance, Anjunabeats Vol.9 is could be a great start. Easy, appropriate, intelligent collection with progressive spotlights to complement the melodies.

For the advanced this compilation is a model to imitate. Incredible artists under one label with magnificent production under the same idea. Yes, I dont say the best tracks of the year in one album, I say the best selection of Anjunabeats tracks which bring the same sensation all the way out.

Anjunabeats Vol.9 easily makes you close eyes, dream and smile. Perfect music for the day to nourish your creativity and soothe the unquiet, restles mind.

Released 13th November 2011

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