Saturday, 18 June 2011

Audioptraline presents: Special Interviews Sequence with Andski

Shivers on the skin, vast emotions in the heart, big respect in the mind for this track!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to present Hidden, the first release by Audiopraline`s big friend and follower Andski.
Its been amazing 2 years and a half for the 19 year old Andi from Bulgaria, who walked the way out from a teen astonished by the electronic sound, to podcats Dj with amazing marketing success (yes, the artists must know how to sell themselves in the deep ocean of production!) and great number of listeners. Gradually with small but steady steps, Andski came up with some spot on mash-ups which will remain in the history of trance (e.g.,Full Focus Comes Again), for being played countless times on BBC Radio1, just to find himself here and now with his well deserved first release on Pulsar Recordings, out on Beatport today, June 20, 2011. The original and Matt Pincer remix of Hidden already received absolutely incredible positive feedback on YouTube and the social networks with its catchy melody, enigmatic vocal cut and energetic sound.
You can buy Hidden on Beatport now and while listening this vigorous emotion, packed in a file, read the interview Andski gave for Audiopraline. Truly sweet and brisk personality :)) Enjoy!

Q: Hello Andski! Thank you for agreeing to this interview! It’s a great honor to have you here!
A: No worries! It’s great to speak with you. Thanks for having me on Audiopraline.

Q: First of all, congratulations for your first released track ‘Hidden’! It’s such a big success and I’m so happy about you! I know it’s a trivial question but I have to ask you this - how do you feel about it?
A: To say I’m “excited” will be an understatement. I’m really curious about what people will say about it. I already sent a demo of the original to some of my buddies - Wezz Devall, Giuseppe Ottaviani & Lee Osborne and they all had positive feedback for me. The feeling is really amazing and I believe I reached a milestone in my life.

Q: Is this actually the first track you created? What is the history behind this release in short?
A: No. It is the third track I have done. I have to say the history behind it is like with any other. Send it to a label; get reaction, sign contract and release.

Q: It’s such a nice name for a first track, reminds of a hidden treasure or hidden talent - how did you come up with it?
A: In the beginning of the original you’ll hear parts of a melody playing behind the beats. It stays “hidden” until the breakdown comes and then it smacks you in the face.

Q: What does you family think about your music and ‘Hidden’ in particular?
A: They were surprised at first! It was, of course, normal because 5 years ago I never spoke to them about dance music. Then all of the sudden I turn to them and say “By the way, Judge Jules played my mashup on BBC Radio 1 last night”. They were astonished. But eventually they got used to this “hobby” and began to approve it. I received and signed the ‘Hidden’ contract on my birthday March 24th and it was a huge celebration for me and my parents. They often brag to their friends with my achievements which makes me feel a bit awkward sometimes hahaha

Q: You have been podcasting for 2 years now, and then several very successful mash-ups came up, now you release your first original. What should be next in this row of experience? Do you make plans, set goals or just take one step at a time and enjoy it?
A: I don’t look too far into the future but I do have some goals I want to achieve. My first original will release on June 20th and my next objective is to have a remix of mine released officially as well. After that – who knows?

Q: Tell me something more about Matt Pincer, the producer which remix of Hidden is released in a set with the original?
A: Matt has huge experience with producing high quality uplifting trance. He has loads of remixes and originals released on various labels and it’s his debut on Pulsar Recordings. The label contacted him for the remix and he gladly agreed. I’m remixing his track “Emotions” so it’s kind of a remix for remix swap. I’ve talked with him a bit on Twitter and he seems like a nice guy.

Q: Ok, enough for Andski, lets talk about Andy now! You just graduated from high school, right? What comes next for you?
A: Next is college! I’ll be studying Computer Networking in Boston’s Wentworth Institute of Technology and I’m very excited. I’ll spend this summer in Bulgaria before I depart for the States. Going out with friends, partying around and producing are in my schedule. I’ll try to make 3-4 new Andski originals in the summer and release them over my freshman year. I doubt I’ll have time to make music along with my other tasks as a student.

Q: What do you do when you don’t produce or mix for your show? Any other ‘Hidden’ talents or passions?
A: I participated in some high school theater plays over the years. “Lets dance blues” in Bulgarian and “El aprendiz de amante” in Spanish. Also, I adore playing/watching tennis & volleyball in my free time. Jogging is also in my list of hobbies. For 3 years I was a Rotary (voluntary organization) member and for about 2 years I did hip hop and break dancing. I’m a pretty versatile person, I guess.

Q: Are you ready to cope with the fans and the increased interest in your personality? And honestly, do the girls behave any different when you introduce yourself to them as a DJ and producer?
A: All will come in time and hopefully I will get used to having more fans of my work. Regarding the girls haha I am not sure. Most of them awe when I tell them I am a DJ & producer. I don’t think a lot of people out there do what I do and it’s strange for some girls to encounter someone like me.

Q: Do wishes and dreams come true?
A: Some wishes can come true however they require action on your part. You must work very hard for them. With determination and perseverance you will achieve your dreams. This is me speaking of personal experience.  

Q: And finally Audiopraline`s sweetest question: Tell us about your first DJ gig, please! How would you rate it now and what did you screw up?
A: Haha I’m not sure how you guessed that there was a screw up. On my first gig in a club I played on a really old MacBook G4 laptop with a mixer attached. When I say it was very old – it was very very old and slow, as well! The music on Ableton stopped twice during my 3 hour set because of crazy CPU over usage. There were two gaps in my mix for 10 seconds each which seemed like eternity to me. I’m glad the crowd didn’t give me a hard time. In the end of my set I had an encore. Around 50 people screamed “Andski Andski” so I stepped up for another 15 minutes. It felt amazing.

Thank you!

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