Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Audiopraline`s Hot-in-the-air Podcasts and Radioshows Sequence: Dave`s Lounge

Today I am presenting a very special podcast. It doesnt sound the way you would expect but at least it fits to this blog description- a delightful bit of sound.

I discovered it via Softys blog which hasnt been updated for years, but I had a reason to drop in and look what I found: Dave`s Lounge Podcast!

Its absolutely different and special! I listened one episode only before I found myself blogging about it, but it reminds me more of a jazz than electronic music, though the descriptions says " Dave`s Lounge is a weekly podcast that showcases the best in chillout, trip hop and downtempo music".

In the official page you will find great archive with all back episodes released till now, which means you have a huge amount of beautiful chill out mixes for a very long time. May all of the episodes bring you peace, relaxation and love. Enjoy!

PS Dont forget to follow Dave on Facebook! :))

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