Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Audiopraline`s Hot-in-the-air Podcasts and Radioshows Sequence: Lisa Lashes

Yess! I knew its time to present a lady here! Its been a while :))
First of all, to be honest I run into the name Lisa Lashes for the first time in my life, wondering how come I never heard about her, considering the huge amount of fans on Facebook? Reading Lisa`s bio makes things more clear- this glam looking lady appears to be an ex-hard house mistress of the decks. And do you know what? She turns down on the road to trance for some reason. I need to investigate this person a little bit more- Lisa looks deep and complicated enough to provoke my curiosity and win my great respect. Just play any of her Lashed Podcast episodes and you will understand why does the show has over 60 000 subscribers already.

With quite a lot of experience on the EDM scene during the years, Lisa Lashes has a really long list of projects and releases on Discogs

Take care everyone and enjoy!

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