Monday, 27 June 2011

Sweethearts and Friends 7 Piece Audiopraline Box

7 Piece Audiopraline Box by Audiopraline

Audiopraline proudly presents a magical sound alchemy of taste, creativity and enthusiasm by friends and EDM Sweethearts in a supreme 7 piece collection dedicated to the Audiopraline project.
From chill out and trance, through deep and tech house to solid techno, Audiopraline incorporates in its concept very wide spectrum of electronic music styles. Always in a search for unique sounds, the web project discovers and shares the most talented DJs and their best quality productions.
With very deep sentiment to the new comers of EDM world,  Audiopraline welcomes and supports the youngest producers of our time as the likes of Andski, Thomas Genchev, Arty, Juventa, Paul Strive etc., being a witness of their first and further steps in mixing and producing.

I, Plesire, the Audiopraline project creator, would like to thank everyone who produced, mixed and shared with me the music which touched my soul and mind.Without you absolutely nothing would have a meaning to me in my virtual and real life.

Thank you to my friends who enjoyed, edited, shared and suggested new materials for Audiopraline. Thank you to my present and future readers followers.

But above all I would like to thank Andski, Danny Florev, Konstantin Moev, Dimitar Tabakoff, Thomas Genchev, Yuu Ohzono and Braend. Each one of them created a mini mix dedicated to Audiopraline. I made them sweet for you and uploaded the collection in Souncloud. Thank you friends!! All your mixes are unique and icreddible, just the way you are deep inside as personalities. Looking forward to our future collaborations!!

Truly yours, Plesire!

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