Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Audioptraline presents: Special Interviews Sequence with Mike Foyle

Ladies and Gentlemen, its a great plasure and honour for me to present one of the biggest and most popular producers on the trance scene at the moment- Mike Foyle in a big and very emotional interview for Audiopraline!

His tracks Deadly Nightshade, Shades of Red and Headrush dont need to be presented, being featured in the top DJs tracklists and compilations, such as Markus Schulz and Armin van Buuren. Also known with his alias Statica, Mike is gaining more and more popularity with every track or remix he releases. The last gem- Markus Schulz` s Alpha State remix. What a tune! Listen and enjoy the interview!

Q: Hi Mike! Welcome to Audiopraline and thank you very much for agreeing to this interview! You were on a vacation in Bulgaria skiing recently, weren`t you? How was it, did you enjoy it?
M: I had a fantastic time in Bulgaria! The magical combination of warm sun and fluffy snow was a winning formula and we had a fantastic time. Also had the chance to check out some traditional Bulgarian music, dance and food which was very refreshing. I'm sad to be home now :(

Q: And how does your schedule for the summer look like? Do you have any gigs planned, festivals?
M: The most exciting stuff, I'm not allowed to tell you about yet! Haha. But there is some stuff planned indeed. I've kept a couple of months free to do some traveling with my girlfriend, so it won't be my busiest summer in terms of DJing, but I'm hoping to come back form traveling feeling fresh and full of inspiration for when I continue working on my first artist album. Watch this space for more info when everything is confirmed and I can tell you all about my plans! But for now, I must keep quiet :)

Q: Sounds exciting! Is it difficult for a young DJ like you to deal with the business side of the industry? Do you have to deal with contracts, meetings etc. or you have a good management team behind?
M: When I first broke into the scene I was only 18 years old and I would say I was very naive and inexperienced when it came to business. But now I'm a little wiser and the business stuff comes much more naturally to me. I've had representatives working for me in the past for various things, but really it's just me, an accountant my DJ agent.

Q: Its obvious for everyone that your classical music education has a huge impact on your work and skills of a producer. Do you remember the earliest days playing violin and did you enjoy it or it was more kind of a tedious duty?
M: I began playing the violin when I was very young so my earliest memories are most likely lost somewhere in the depth of my subconcious! But I do have some precious memories playing my part as the leader of the Hampshire Youth Sinfonia, performing solo violin parts alongside my orchestra and performing at some amazing venues such as the Turner Sims Concert Hall in Southampton. I did sometimes gets frustrated with having to practice every day - like any young teenager, I preferred to see friends and play computer games! But my parents encouraged me to keep working hard at it and it was all worthwhile when I got to play as part of many big orchestras. It has also definitely had a big impact on the music I'm making now.

Q: Do you happen to jam very often with Mat Zo in your studio? What is in the making, must be something very special from you guys?
M: So far we have only spent a week or so in the studio together, but it's the first of many collaborations to come from me and Mat. We have already got one uplifting trance tune finished and we're already planning a second one and I'm hoping to have him down to stay again in the near future! We had a great time jamming in the studio and incidentally, he makes a great thai curry! There are many more exciting collabs coming from me this year as well. I've nearly finished one with Leon Bolier and have talked with Andy Moor about doing a couple of tracks as well in the next few of months. This year I've been more interested in working with other artists as it seems to be a great way to share techniques and learn secrets from other producers!

Q: And finally Audiopraline`s sweetest question- what gives you more adrenaline: DJ-ing in front a huge crowd or paragliding?
M: For me, paragliding isn't really about adrenaline it's about bliss! There is nothing more awe-inspiring in my experience than hanging from the sky under a glorified bedsheet! It's just about the closest that a human can get to soaring like a bird. I often found myself following gulls and falcons as they always find the thermals before I do haha. I've honestly never felt more at one with nature than when I'm floating around in the sky under my wing. DJing in front of a huge crowd is a very different kind of experience. It's like a an explosion of social interaction and shared excitement. The whole room is embracing the same experience and being the director of that experience is really something special. The entertainment business in general is so important these days and I really get a kick out of giving people a good time and making their weekend really special! So in my opinion these 2 things are not really comparable. One is about self indulgence and escape, the other is a shared social experience. Both are amazing!

Thank you so much, Mike! It was a great pleasure!



  1. Thanks Yana,

    The pleasure was mine :)


  2. You wrote "matt zo" but it's "mat zo"

  3. My apologies, of course its Mat Zo! Thanks about that!