Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Gift

Dear friends,
The following post in Audiopraline is more than special. At this moment while I write it, I feel fery excited and grateful, but also a little sad and definitely very, very humble. Now let me tell you what its all about.

A few months ago I heard a very special 5 hours Chill Out set by DJ Orion, which was mixed for DJ Orkidea`s 23 hours new years` DJ marathon. I listened this mix many times and I explored the tracklist all the way out. Some tracks I easily found, others I didnt. But there was one, which captured my mind very deep, Softys- No More Time For Us. All my attempts to find this track in the net failed. But little by little I found who is the producer behind the alias Softys, the creator of this magical bliss. That appeared to be Niko Nyman, one of Slusnik Luna boys, mostly famous with their trance anthem Sun*.

Slusnik Luna boys
Well, after I discovered the producer, I emailed him, asking whare I could eventually find this track to buy or  to listen at least. Several  weeks later I received a short email as an answer and what was my surprise to read that he, Niko, is giving No More Time For Us to me and all Audiopraline readers not only to listen but also to download free! Honestly I jumped! What a priceless gesture that is and definitely one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever recieved!

Now you, all Audiopraline followers will have the opportunity not only to listen but also to get absolutely free a copy of this brilliant piece of art, exclusively and only here. Please enjoy and spread it, but first of all I`d like to make a few notes.

First, please read Niko Nyman`s phylosophy of "open music". Big respect, Niko! And thank you so much!
Second, please drop a line as a comment here or in Audiopraline Facebook page what do you think of this track and all Softys and Slusnik Luna music. That is going to be our gift of appreciation back to Niko.
And finally, please excuse me for the long and rather emotional post! But I take it personally and quite emotionally, because thats what it really is.

Now listen and enjoy!       No More Time For Us

* Initially the track was released in 2000, but 10 later, in 2010 Sun was remixed and brought back to life with huge success on the trance scene.


  1. Just heard this amazing track in 'isolatedmix 35 – Orion & J.Shore'. The link to the download here seems to be broken. Does anyone know where one could get this track?

  2. You can listen and download Softys - No More Time For Us on my Soundcloud page:

    Enjoy! :)