Friday, 25 March 2011

Audiopraline`s Special Interviews Sequence: Lee Osborne

Lee Osborne, London based DJ and producer talks about his career and over 10 years experience behind. The links to his website and Facebook page will give you all the information that you need and dont forget to read and get free copy of his latest production in the article posted in Audiopraline yesterday.

Q: When did your interest in electronic music first start? What were some of the artists that inspired you most in the beginning?

Lee: Like all of us really I got into it through clubbing, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s it was the era of the super club and that time the Trance scene was absolutely massive, I used to go out every week and see people like Armin and Tiesto and just totally became captivated by the sound. I’ve been DJ’ing for about 15 years and have been producing for 10 years. For as long as I can remember this is all I’ve ever wanted to do.  

Q: Do you remember your first ever DJ gig? Were you nervous, excited, both and has your DJ style changed since then?

Lee: Of course I was nervous I think every DJ get nervous on their first gig! I got seriously thrown in the deep end and I’ll never forget it! A friend heard a demo of min and passed it on to a promoter who was running a warehouse party and asked me to play. I turned up on the night expecting to play in the small side room but I ended being taken to the main stage to play in front of 2000 people. Now that’s was scary! I think as DJ your style changes all of the time there’s so much good music out there at the moment it’s hard not too.

Q: How do you make music today? What inspires you most to compose?

Lee: On a computer! I’ve tried recording live drum loops but its pretty tough lol! We use Logic 9 at the moment and a host of different plug-ins including Sylenth, Nexus and Zebra etc. What inspires me? Well that’s an easy one, I get inspired by other producers there’s so much dedication and innovation in our scene!

Q: Which track from your repertoire do you like the most and why?

Lee: At the moment my favorite track has got to be my bootleg of DeadMau5 Raise Your Weapon, its killing it at the moment everywhere.

Q: When do you think you got your 'big break' and people started to know who Lee Osborne is? Who discovered your music, first?

Lee:Well I’ve been producing for our 10 years and releasing on labels such as 5AM and Ali’s label Tekelec but it wasn’t really until I released Eight on Mondo Records and my official remix Marco’s Automanual that everything started to really kick off.

Q: Three essential top tips or advice, that every upcoming artist needs to know about the music industry?
Lee: 1. When Dj’ing week in week you need to have nimble fingers find a good moisturizer, I prefer the Vaseline but any own brand can do.
        2.Don’t stop believing hold on to that feeling! Keep on heavy breathing.
   3.Desperados lots of Desperados beers, and baths with Yankee candles sorry shameless plug I’m sponsored by them.

Q: Have you got any planned projects in 2011 that you could share with Audiopraline? 

Lee: I’m working on Osborne Live. Which comprises of me playing piano’s whilst mixing with my shirt off.

Q: For any readers who have the misfortune of not knowing who you are, could you recommend 3 of your productions or remixes they must hear?

Lee: DeadMau5 ‘Raise Your Weapon’ Lee Osborne Remix
‘Questions’ (High Contrast) Lee Osborne – out on April 11TH
Marco V ‘Automanual’ - Lee Osborne Remix (Incharge)

Q: And finally Audiopraline’s sweetest question: If you could do a back to back set, who would you like to be your partner?

Lee: Marco V all day long! He’s been someone I’ve looked up to and respected for years, now that would be amazing.
Interview prepared and taken by Andski.

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