Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Jeremy Olander

Im following this producer for a while and I was on a stand by expecting a boom to share with you. Well, its not exactly a boom- he is not that type of artists. Its more like a lava. Working constantly and steady on his productions, focused on the high class quality, now he shares with us the supreme essence of it. Following this link you will find another one to iTunes podcast featuring Jeremy Olander session. This is what I talk about when I talk about great production!

What a music lover must know about Jeremy?
First: Eric Prydz` absolutely favorite producer up to date, part of Pryda Friends project- sublabel of Pryda Recordings. Also Jeremy is going to warm up every Eric gig this summer, which is definitely a big recognition.

Second: Jeremy has an attitude! :)) A while ago I read an interview with him and I was absolutely stunned to know what is spinning in his head instead of behaving nice and sweet for the audience. He is defo not the random, mainstream someone. He is intelligent, high class producer who knows what it takes to become a world wide famous DJ: huge amount of hard work and compromises with personal life including lonely mornings in front TV in a cheap hotel room.

Enjoy the set and follow Jeremy Olander on Facebook for more high class music and .. attitude.

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