Sunday, 6 February 2011

Paul Keeley


When was the last time you heard music, so gentle and sweet, that you can feel its harmony within your chest? This aerial beauty, released on Morrison Recordings is exactly such track.

Paul Keeley- what to say about him? Everything is written on his website (which directs straight to his MySpace profile, probably intentionally) and Facebook page. My comment? Incredible sense of humor, Im absolutely captured with! Check this out:

"After being born, living for 28 years (consisting of the usual eating, sleeping, and moderate drinking), and moving from one end of Canada to the other and back again, Paul Keeley now resides in the artistically-rich city of Montreal. Currently, he is enjoying it immensely."

Isnt he adorable?

And a statement: the best DJs in the world for the moment, live in North America. Its a subjective, personal opinion, ok! But objectively, its true- Glenn, Markus, Deadmau5, Max Graham ....many, many, many...Tritonal.... Paul Keeley.. you name them.

Eat a praline, tell the World what you wish for and wait to see what will happen- a magic!
Take care, I`ll stick around for you, ok!

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