Saturday, 12 February 2011

Audiopraline presents: Special Interviews Sequence with Glenn Morrison

Glenn Morrison - Tokyo Cries feat. Christian Burns (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) - Magik Muzik by Glenn Morrison

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Ladies and gentlemen, its a great honor for me to have the opportunity to present Audiopraline`s most favorite and beloved DJ and producer, friend and supporter- Mr.Glenn Morrison in his first interview for Audiopraline`s Special Interviews Sequence.

His incredible new collaboration with Christian Burns- Tokio Cries, remixed by our 2010 best remixer, Alex MORPH is already available on Soundcloud and now I have the pleasure to share with you my first interview I ever did with musician, part of Audiopralie`s Special Interviews Sequence, which hopefully I will  continue successfully in time with other DJs and producers. Enjoy!

Q: Hi Glenn! Its a great honor for me to have the opportunity to interact with you and take this interview. Thank you so much! How have you been lately? Does the new year treat you well?
GM: I've been keeping very well lately, thanks for asking.  Music wise things have been intense and I've never felt happier with my companies and brand.  I'm very happy with the new people I've been working with as of late and constantly pushing forward to take things to the next level. Life is great.

Q: The positive psychologists advice us to set goals but not to make plans. What do you do? Do you have wild dreams or sober point of view about the future?
GM: I partly agree and disagree with that statement.  For me and how my career has worked itself out, I constantly set goals for myself, but I'm also realistic about my expectations.  The ability to take the time and let my work digest within me has made me into what I am today, and I think that patience is truly a virtue in this industry.  To take the necessary time to learn and grow as an artist is a necessary tool for success.

Q: Lately so many DJs are true inspiration for their fans. Once you mentioned about article in the spirit of "DJs are the new rockstars" and I completely agree with that. Are you actually aware of the fact, that with your music and your live sets you exert influence on so many people all over the world? How does that feel? 
GM: I'm reminded of this when I receive fan mail or internet compliments on my social networking sites.  It's always an extremely humbling feeling and I'm very appreciative of the fact that people care about what I do and say.  It also makes me very aware of my actions & I try to give back to my fans as much as possible as a token of my gratitude.

Q: I have noticed that you are not "albums and compilations" kind of producer. To be honest I have never seen something like that, not even an intention from your side to make one. Am I wrong or its a policy of Glenn Morrison management?
GM: There's no policy and in fact I do want to do an album very soon.  I just have felt that I wasn't ready.  These last 4 years of producing have taught me many things and I always wanted to have an album that was special.  Not just a house album but something that could translate to a wider audience.  I care about good music and I don't care about genres.  I feel like I'm getting close to ready for an album, musically I feel alive and with the advent of my new studio I feel like I have the tools necessary to do something special.  I just hope that my sentiments resonate a chord with everyone else.
Q: You released a vocal track with Christian Burns- a very enigmatic and interesting artist. Tell us something more about him and your collaboration? 
GM: Christian is a friend of mine and an extremely talented musician.  After I heard what he did with another friend of mine, Armin Van Buuren, on 'This Light Between Us', I really wanted to collaborate with him.  I thought what Christian & Armin did was unbelievable, my favourite record of Christian's to date, and it really showed me that he was into electronic music.  So our managements spoke together and the collaboration was born.  We both hope that everyone enjoys the release as we were super pumped making the record.  There are so many different perspectives on the package too, for example you have the original mix which is really a more commercial take on the piece, then the Discoteque mix which is a housier take, Mason's remix which reminds me of 'The Breakfast Club' movie, Alex Morphs remix which is a trance peak time bomb, my collaborative remix with Andy Gray showing a more darker edge tip of progressive house, and then Carl Bee's techno reworking.  I love creating packages that really transcend one genre & give different perspectives on the same take.
Q: And Audiopraline`s sweetest question: What is your favorite classic composition?
GM: I definitely don't have a favourite as I love tons of classical music. I grew up practicing classical piano since the age of 4 and finished all my degrees by the age of 11 so there is a deep love for me in this area.  If you were to ask me my favourite composers I could say Mozart, Chopin, Bach, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, and many more.

Plesire: Thank you very much!

* Jeux d`enfants quote

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