Sunday, 2 January 2011

DJ Orkidea II

Happy New Year, everyone!
May 2011 be the most successful year for us all so far! 

I hardly find words to write something sensible at the moment- Im just not in the right mood to be objective and reserved, thats why, to avoid sentimental and emotional displays, I will drop the information and let go.

DJ Orkidea again. Open the link and read about the 23 hours continuous set on the New Years` Eve, 2011. Incredible, isnt?

DJ Orion- Finnish DJ and producer I discovered while researching about DJ Orkidea. As far as I get it, close friends, sharing the same views, working together. Luckily he appears to be a very, very good source of music and information for me. Please follow the link where you will find a lovely Chill Out set and many other treasures I `m so happy to explore.

Take care and enjoy, ok!
Thank you!

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