Wednesday, 29 December 2010

And Audiopraline`s Best and Most Favorite trance tune of 2010 is...

This breathtaking Arty remix is not only brilliantly executed but is also a track of great sentimental value for me!

This year was amazing, yet very difficult for me. But considering where I started 2010 and where I find myself now, in every single aspect of my life, I could only say: Wow! It was an incredible journey surrounded with amazing sounds and quality tracks. Without the music I wouldnt make it!

I discovered true friends, met amazing artists, had a great parties.. I changed my mind about music in a positive, wider direction and I realized the more we learn, the less we seem to know indeed.

I would like to thank some people who joined me through this fantastic time, inspired me, supported me, enriched my knowledge and made me smile. People, I truly love you and I`d like to thank you so much for having you in my world- virtual or real one! I feel grateful I`ve been given the chance to interact or contact with you! I wish for you amazing and very successful 2011! May all your dreams come true!

First and foremost- Sherry Bhullar! Dear, nobody knows me better than you. Im a bit older than you but when I look back in time, I see my self as a little wet chick you`ve been looking after, nurturing with knowledge, links and patience and here I am - a grown up bird, ready to fly! Thank you!

Ognyan Grozdanov- Ogi, you are my guardian, my brother and one of my true best friends. You are witness of my wicked evolution and crazy journey through the world of EDM. One day I will enjoy your deep, dramatic, dark styles, but for now I will drag you with me on the "light" parties. :)))

Marina Ninova, Steffen Hansen, Vincent Vanettelbosch- great gifts from the Universe! True friends, devoted music lovers!

Andski- the Sweetheart who makes it very big so far!

Danny Florev- great respect! Strong and full with energy, you make me feel humble and protected either when I talk with you or listen your mixes. Thank you for letting me in your universe, full with wisdom and knowledge!

Also Dimitar Tabakoff and Konstantin Moev- thanks for the friendship. Im looking forward to meet you as soon as possible.

And last but not least - the man who blasted my world and opened my eyes; taught me to listen techno and classic also; showed so much attention, noble attitude and great support to young artist and all music addicts; inspired and assisted so many! The absolutely amazing Mr.Glenn Morrison!

Thank you, guys for all that I said and I didnt!

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