Monday, 8 November 2010

Deep Dish Feat. Stevie Nicks - Dreams [Official Video HD]

I will never forget how this track made me feel.
2006, early summer, on the way to Depeche Mode concert in Sofia, on a gas station I buy two albums. Depeshe Mode best of part1 ( I never found part 2 released in Bulgaria) and Deep Dish -George is on.

Being obsessed with the new wave rock and electro bands it wasnt very difficult to enter the electronic music world- Depeche, Pets Shop Boys, Tears for Fears- I ate them all! Luckily I was served another dish exactly when I was ready for it- Deep Dish. Dreams, In love with a fried, Sacramento... I cant remember how many times these tracks saved me from the difficult reality I was going through- family issues, bad relationships, health disorders...

We all know how many artists are critisized of being commercial, but staying underground doest help them much. How would I and believe millions of other fans, become one without facing something commercial to draw me into this world? How would I love electronic music if I didnt listen all those super-famous bands and buy this album on a ..gas station? If Armin didnt release that In and Out track, I would probably never, I mean never get involved into listening and downloading like insane all ASOT episodes I still keep on my Treckstor. For me this show turned out to be the gate to the world I live in now.

So.. thank you Depeche, thank you Gas station, thank you Deep Dish, thank you Armin for dragging me into the EDM universe! I love it there :))

Catch you next time! Ill be around, ok :)
Take care!

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