Saturday, 6 November 2010

Ben D

Its a great pleasure I finally commit to present DJs and producers I admire and follow.

For the greatest DJs in my list I will wait before I feel confident enough to present names such as my favorite Glenn Morrison, Markus Schulz, Eric Prydz, Joris Voorn, Arnej.

Being unable to attend all shows and gigs I desire to, for me its very important to receive portions of tracks in mixes on a regular basis, so every new podcast release is a big event. So I will start with some DJs who gratify my inexhaustible need of new exciting music, sometimes the only boost keeping me up.

I start with Ben D- a very young Greek, who seems to discover the best tech house tracks and put them in mixes which make me smile. Only he and Joris Voorn can do that- not even a note of darkness and depression I find very often in deep, minimal and progressive house.

Discovering the house music comparatively late after being under the spell of trance for years, I was aware that I enter the darker side of the electronic world. What was my surprise to discover the Music Seduction Podcast! Very positive, full of energy selection which gives me the right rhythm to keep doing my stuff without paying too much attention to every single detail- believe it or not this is what usually kills me, feeling like a little mental boy, who focuses on a little piece of something for hours, analyzing it till break down ( I say a boy, because I have never seen a girl doing that! Otherwise I am a girl.)So Ben D Music Seduction Podcast makes me skip that part and keep going.

I dont really know Savvas Benos- the real name behind Ben D, but I will share some links which you may follow and discover everything you need about. Today, his 127th podcast episode was released and I really enjoyed it.

Mixcloud page, where you can find archive episodes of Music Seduction Podcast:

Facebook fanpage, where you can find more links:!/BenDfanpage

Catch you next time! Take care!

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