Saturday, 27 November 2010

Audiopraline`s "EDM Sweethearts" sequence presents: Audien

This is not happening! Thats the only thought spinning in my mind while exploring this artist. Audien.

Have you ever seen a juggler taking little white fluffy bunnies out of his pocket? Because thats exactly what will happen if you follow the links bellow and get into the world of this incredible young talent. He is the juggler, his tracks and remixes are the bunnies, you are the stunned kid with a leak of saliva coming out of its open mouth.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Nate Rathbun aka Audien, Northamerican EDM producer, born 1992. The other most important bio facts you can find on his Enhanced artist page or Facebook.

Now, I invite you on a trip .. with the white bunnies. Click here and close your eyes.

Eleven Eleven (Tom Fall Remix)        What Dreams May Come (Original)

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