Tuesday, 30 November 2010

SicAnton in A State of Trance


I have absolutely no idea why this person calls himself SicAnton and where does the first part of the name come from, but I know for my self why it eventually may appear to be "sick"!

This young man has created 175 (one hundred seventy five!!!) videos based on essential cuts from Armin`s weekly radio show A State of Trance, starting from episode 000 to 003 and then from 313 to 484 - the last broadcasted episode on 25 Nov, 2010 without exception!

Whats more interesting about it is the video itself, representing a clip, shot from the front window of his car, while he is driving on various roads- highways, tunnels, cities, villages, mountains, countryside; during day, night, rain, snowfall- everything you think of! And all that in the beautiful Switzerland! I dont think there is another country in the world, better scene for the endless source of inspiration such as ASOT!

And only those of you, who have ever experienced the bliss of blasting trance in the car, while driving, can really appreciate the mixture SicAnton is presenting every week on his YouTube channel! Absolutely mad!

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