Thursday, 19 July 2012

Together We Are: EPISODE 003 Guest mix from Rebecca & Fiona

When was the last time you listened a mix over and over again fascinated by а sound, never heard before?

Well, this is a mix, which made me say "what da bleep is that?" and let me tell you why: Rebecca & Fionna turn out to be a well known Swedish duo, with phenomenal success in their own country and USA, plus a freshly released artist album. The quite unique look of the girls corresponds to their music style- futuristic, sophisticated electronic sound, yet familiar and mild; successfully evading the well known, scrapping noise of the recent progressive house heroes. Even the cheesy, childish vocals fit somehow subtle to their well created picture of sound.

Also- Carli. Apparently, yet another well-known Swedish producer, I didnt hear about so far, well-established on the cutting-edge Nordic electronic scene. And how could I hear? This bubbling, swanky sound can be listened only in a "dodgy warehouses in Västberga and glittery super clubs on Ibiza". 
I've never been there : /

Producer to the bones, working with the like of the biggest avant-garde pop star of Sweden, Robyn, Carli is someone, who will be definitelly setting the tone for the future EDM tide.

But thanks to Arty, our sweetheart, who evolves and blossoms more than any other contemporary EDM artist I know (ok, maybe except Avicii), now we can enjoy this fancy Swedish sound. Lets play it one more time :)

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