Tuesday, 12 June 2012

"Open Space"

"trance fans are the most annoying fuckers in youtube. all they do is bitch about how so and so producer isn't making trance like they use to. the truth is i really love the trancy house style that many producers in anjunabeats are adopting, specially above and beyond, arty, and mat zo. old trance is dead, accept it and move on" - a random user`s reaction

Well said! Its sad when an artist needs to stick to one and the same rule and manner of work like 9876 others and swim in the same puddle, just to be renowned and booked. Big respect for Arty, who has his own style, instead of making certain style of music.

Big respect to labels and event organizers who are seeking and supporting creative, distinctive artists, instead of old, comparatively known faces, who are known because they are known, but their mixing and producing skills are tending to zero.

It`s also very sad, that trance turned out to be the less adaptable genre between all EDM categories.Thats why we see some pioneers of trance turn away from it, claiming its dead. Its not dead, it just needs to grow, and the artists are the one, who need to educate the listeners. To make them understand and like the new sound, instead of being scared to make a wrong step in a direction, called "another David Guetta". The people, who create these etiquettes, are small, negative and insignificant. Artists and fans shouldnt be afraid of them and their scam. Instead, they should feel free to create and enjoy what they love to.

In this funny looking blog, are included so many different artists, that its not even possible to determine what is (are) the author`s favorite genre. From chill out all the way to pure, bloody techno -it`s all here! And the only reason this content is put together in this blog, is because its good! It was listened, enjoyed and felt like must be shared.

In this project were never used labels like trance, progressive house, techno, house. There were used labels like interviews, podcasts, releases. That is the way it is going to be in the future.

As an author of this blog, I am proud to say that almost every one of the artists, I have presented here, have reached the level of success they desire, during the last 1-2 years, as probably half of them, were totally new to the scene. Some of those artists are still hard working to achieve the goals they set for themselves, but these kind of aspirations need time, hard work and experience, one cannot acquire for one year. And to refer with the beginning of this article, they simply dont belong to a genre. They are bigger than that and soon or late, the world will know them not as trance or house artists, but as artists with their own style.

Good luck to all of you!

Be back soon,

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