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Audioptraline presents Special Interviews Sequence with Aaron Camz

Check out one of the most successful Coldharbour artists for 2011 Aaron Camz in a very sincere interview about his first steps in producing, genre fusing and his long awaited forthcoming releases. Enjoy!

Q1: Hi Aaron and welcome to Audiopraline! Happy New Year, have a very successful one! How were your holidays?
A: Hi guys! Thank you for having me! My holidays have only just started. I've just played at a series of New Years shows around Australia and now I am relaxing at home for a few weeks. That means a heap of time to focus on new productions and to start to get a flow of releases ready for 2012. There is still a back log from 2011 though!

Q2: How would you rate 2011 as a DJ and producer? Was it successful and how will you remember it?
A: 2011 was my biggest year to date. A lot of firsts, a few downs but definitely a lot of ups and if the ups outweigh the downs then I guess you could say it was successful. As a DJ, I played at festivals such as Creamfields and Stereosonic, which is now known around the world as Australia's largest dance music festival, as the Stereosonic tour attracted around 200,000 punters in 5 cities. Quite remarkable how far dance music has come in my country since its underground days. As far as club shows go, there were so many! In 2011 I played at 1-2 club shows a month, the majority of the time with international guests, but the one that stands out is probably Armada Night. If I had more time to think about that question I might change my answer! The most memorable however as a DJ, would have to be the Twelve festival in Malaysia. The venue was in the middle of a Formula 1 track, the production was great, the people were amazing and I can't wait to get back out to Malaysia this year. I was lucky enough to capture a lot of that set on video, some of which I haven't posted yet but I will do soon. That was probably one of the best sets I've played in recent times. I really love that place. 

Production wise - 2011 defintely my biggest year. My biggest single releases were probably Room To Breathe & Distance, which gained some big support and I also had a few remixes which done well. In 2011 I remixed for friends of mine Grube & Hovsepian, Raneem & Erick Strong. I also had about another 5-7 remixes released throughout the year. I would have to say the most successful of all my remixes this year would have to be the "Payback" remix or the "Invisible" remix. Perhaps some of the biggest stuff I wrote in 2011 is yet to be released yet. Some you guys have heard and some you haven't - but you will soon :) The first day of 2012 I played a 2 hour set before Markus Schulz in Melbourne - if this gig is a reflection on what the rest of the year will be like then we're in for a big one!

Q3: Now the question every one of your fans is asking- when is the release date of Camshaft? 
A: Haha, a question I get asked almost daily. I feel bad for the constant delay with this, but I promise it is a delay for a good reason. I can tell you that Camshaft will be released on a 3 track EP. One of the tracks on this EP is yet to be played outside my studio (and outside of the record labels office of course) but I believe it may be better than anything I've written in the past. I enjoyed every second writing this tune, I had this same feeling when I wrote Room To Breathe, so I hope it's going to be big! The great thing about this EP also, is that all 3 tracks are completely different to each other. Gee, I'd hate to talk it up if nobody likes it! Hehe ;) The EP will be released just before European summer.

Q4: What else can we expect from you during the following months and 2012 in general?  
A: Apart from the EP which will be released early this year, I've recently finished a remix for Interstate Recordings, the same label which released my remix of Erick Strong's 'Payback'. It's another dark melodic trancer, very fun to write! This will be released in Febuary. I am also currently working with a couple of vocalists on some new tracks - something I have never done before. In 2012 I am also planning to have a few collabs finished. Work has already begun on a few of them and I'm already getting excited as to what the finished products will sound like! 2012 is already shaping up to be busier than 2011, which was my biggest year yet! With my new studio to be ready in 4 weeks time, I can't wait to get working.
Q5: Here on Audiopraline multi-genre artist are very much respected. You announced something about 126 bpm deep, melodic techno track from your alias. Apparently you enjoy experimenting and exploring new electronic sounds, right?
A: Yes that's correct. I have always been really influenced by producers such as Solee, Christian Smith, Moonbeam and others, but now I want to try and pursue something with this. I have just always loved those deep and moody sounds, the type that you won't play in a peak time set, but the type that you can listen to on repeat every day. It's the sort of stuff that makes your mind wonder. I am trying to create my own sound, which I guess can fit into the genre of 'melodic techno'. The first track I'm working on is pretty much as you described in the question, deep and melodic at 126bpm. I'm hoping to have a track or 2 done for this new alias by the middle of the year at the latest.

Aaron Camz
Q6: You have been invited to join one of the most admired progressive trance labels Coldharbour personally from Markus Schulz right? Would you please tell us something more about the team of Coldharbour Records and Markus himself? 
A: Coldharbour Recordings is like one big family. From Markus, to his team, to the artists and to the loyal fans, everyone is quite familiar with each other and very supportive of each other. There is a lot of love in the Harbour. Personally, I am in regular contact with a lot of the artists on Coldharbour and we are all supportive of each others tunes, not because we are nice people, generally because the tunes are damn good! I can't really recall a set of mine from recent times that hasn't had a Coldharbour tune in it! The team at Coldharbour are a great bunch of people as well. Tim, Markus' PA is a busy man! He doubles up as an A&R for the label also. You guys will know Tim as one half of 'Grube & Hovsepian'. So more about Markus himself? Well Markus is a great guy! I caught up with a couple of times over New Years and had the pleasure of warming up for him on New Years Day at a club called Neverland in Melbourne. Markus is a fantastic DJ and always has time for fans after his shows. He has helped me out personally with advice on tracks I am working on, so I am pretty greatful for that!

Q7: What exactly drawn you from rock to electronic music? Which artists inspired you in the beginning?
A: Well this is a hard question to answer, as I never have really jumped off rock music onto electronic, as I do listen to both regularly. Definately listen to more electronic these days, but I still have an interest in rock music. I can't quite remember now what it was exactly that drew me from the bands I was playing in to producing 'trance' music, but I guess it was something I wanted to do for a little while but didn't quite know where to start. I was actually introduced to trance music by my father of all people! This was music from the late 90's / early 00's when the tracks which are now classed as classics, were being played in clubs for the first time. The CDs my father brought home inspired me and I wanted to make music just like this. Artists that inspired me from this time were guys like Mauro Picotto, Perry O'Neil, Cosmic Gate, Marco V, Push, oh I could go on forever!

Q8: Do you remember how your first mix ever came to life? 
A: Well if were talking mixdowns, then yes I remember it and I'd rather forget it! I seriously had no idea what I was doing and I thought I was on the right track. Everything was self taught so I didn't really have any direction. I actually found an mp3 of the first tune I wrote while going through old CDs recently, its a 142bpm remix of Fatboy Slim's 'Star 69'. Yeah - it sounded like crap. First released tunes I had ever written though, you could probably find these on YouTube to listen to. These 3 were all released on Australian label 405 Recordings in 2009. Frantic was the first of the 3. You guys will laugh at this, but it was written in a tin shed, concrete floor, cheap computer speakers and Pioneer headphones. I'll be honest and tell you that I think it's a fluke on how that came out. All That's Left is my favourite of the 3 and I hope I can try and find time to rework it in the future.

Aaron Camz - Frantic
Aaron Camz - All That's Left
Aaron Camz - Reflections

Q9: Would you please tell us something more about Aaron, the man. What do you do in your spare time, what is your favorite book or movie, do you enjoy nature, sport or something else?
A: OK I'm a big sports guy, I love football, both the beautiful game and Australian rules football. The thing I love most is a get together with close friends, a BBQ and a few beers in the sun! This is a very typical Australian thing to do but I love it. I don't watch a lot of movies, generally because I just don't have much spare time, however comedy movies are my favourite, movies like Ali G Indahouse or The Anchorman are ones which I can watch and quote time and time again!

Q10: And finally Audiopraline`s sweetest question: what was your childhood dream, Aaron? Did it come true?
A: Well as a child I wanted to be a professional footballer so that never happened. In my late teens though I wanted to have releases on a major dance labels and perform outside of Australia. Both of these things have come true and I am very grateful for it.

Beautiful! Thank you very much for the interview! 
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