Monday, 3 October 2011


Enjoying so much right now the 277th episode of Solarstone radio show Solaris International. Presenting absolutely exquisite mix of tracks from various electronic genres, spot on comments and out of the box artist and records, Richard Mowatt cements his name as a high class electronic feeder for over 13 years now. Solaris International is a weekly manual for new all comers in the podcasting and radio hosting- every track in his playlist has a reason to be there.

I dont believe there is someone who doesnt know who Solarstone is, but if you are new to the EDM world or you are born after 1999 ( yes, they are already capable to understand electronic sound!), here is a short resume of his massive bio which takes a good deal of time to read and comprehend on his Facebook page for example.

# Richard has been producing club bangers since mid 90`s
# The ultra classic Seven Cities has been re-released 3 times sold overall in half a million copies!
# Owner of 4 electronic labels
# He has spun in almost every renowned club in the world, plus Australian outback parties and festivals in the heart of Brazil.
# His radioshow is broadcasted all over the world from 50 FM and internet stations with about 8 milion listeners
# One of his first projects has the picturesgue name The Space Kittens :)
# Solarstone`s Phuture Mix of Breakaway is massive! :))

Take care! :))

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