Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Audioptraline presents: Special Interviews Sequence with Ralpie B a.k.a. Midway

Ralphie B needs no presentation for the people who are deeply involved with trance, but if you happen to hear this name for the first time, let me tell you some hints: First State, One World, first episode of ASOT and Monkey Forest- his most recognizable record. What do you think? Is he big enough? Im more than proud to welcome such a trance legend in Audiopraline.Being on a very intense producing mode recently RalphieB took time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions about his experience and ongoing projects.Enjoy reading!

Q: Hi Ralphie and thank you for agreeing to this interview! How is everything going for you lately? I heard great news for new releases, new projects of yours- is this true?
Ralphie B: Things are going really great! Indeed I have been very productive this year. My remix for Armin van Buuren "These Silent Hearts" is out a few weeks ago and last week my new single Ralphie B - Bullfrog has been released at Armada, and its doing amazing and climbing on beatport chart very quickly! Furthermore two new Ralphie B singles have been signed aswell at Armada Music. Plus I started a new project "Suncrusaders" for which the first single also has been signed by Armada. Next to this I recently remixed alltime classic Dreamcatcher - "I don't wanna lose my way" using this new project alias.So all in all it's really productive.

Q: I see you have 3 more original tracks coming out by the end of this year after Bullfrog. You have been definitely on a producing mode lately. What inspired you for this new production particularly and what feeds your creativity in general- art, nature, people?
Ralphie B: I get inspired by life itself! There is no particular inspiration source for new ideas. Though it's no secret that being happily in love with my soulmate (who is my greatest support in everything I do) and feeling good and healthy in general gives one more inspiration in whole. Also the personal request by Armin to remix his track 'These Silent Hearts ft.BT and given the fact that I joined Armada gave me a lot of new energy to produce great music.

Q: You work with three different aliases at the moment- Midway, Ralphie B and Suncrusaders. I personally find Ralphie B more melodic, Midway more energetic, but what about the Suncrusaders? What kind of production should we expect from this project?
Ralphie B: Suncrusaders is an alias for the more laidback, Balearic, "chill at the beach" sound. People might remember the track Oneworld - Lingus, which is a co-production I made in 2009. Well, with my new solo project Suncrusaders I will continue producing this kind of sound. At this moment I mainly focus on "Ralphie B" and "Suncrusaders". But who knows there will be a new Midway release in the future aswell.

Q: Obviously internet and the social networks in particular did incredible impact on EDM popularity and distribution during the last years. But doesn’t this process kill the genuine artists and bring back to the surface people who are more talented in social networking than in producing?
Ralphie B: You could be right about that. Nowadays it's indeed more than ever about promotion through social networks and networking with people in general. Having a rather big mouth works, but this is nothing new. Politics works this way aswell.  I'd say mostly half the success of a track is the track itself the other half is about the promotion and market strategy. Other factors are the name of the artist, if its wellknown then success factor is higher already. Still…great tracks are great tracks and still have a good chance to come surface on top eventually.

Q: And who is your favorite producer between the new super-talented trance heroes on the scene?
Ralphie B: I like the new sounds from individuals like Arty, Jonas Stenberg, Heatbeat, Aurosonic, Norin & Rad. They have an own recognizable style and quality productions as well.

Q: Ok, now I will take you more than 10 years back in time. I was absolutely amazed to find out that your track Massive has been played in the very first episode of the legendary A State Of Trance radio show. Would you please tell us something more about that?
Ralphie B: Ralphie B- Massive was actually produced in a few days back the begin of 2001. It came out just around the time Armin was starting his radioshow. Armin was quite popular already back then, though nothing compared to nowadays. He got the promo and played it in the first episode of a State of Trance and he made it Tune of the Week in the third episode. I believe it was played three weeks in a row. He also put it on his compilation CD. I was very happy to hear my tracks on dutch Radio in this show and I'm still very proud of this gem. Massive and also Monkey Forest are two of my biggest successes mainly because they were their time far ahead and ofcourse because people like Armin van Buuren, Tiesto and Paul van Dyk supported them.

Q: You have been working with the most successful trace DJs during the years. Is there a true friendship between you and some of them?
Ralphie B: I know a lot of great producers, DJs and people in music industry, but I don't consider them as true friends though. Still it's nice to have personal connections with the neccesary people accordingly. I like the Armada crew. Positive and very innovative people.

Q: And finally Audiopraline`s sweetest question: What is the funniest moment of your career as a DJ and do you have nightmares in the likes of being late for a gig?
Ralphie B: It's pretty funny to know that my debut as a DJ ever was playing after DJ Tiesto in the Escape in Amsterdam, one of the biggest clubs ever. Can you imagine how huge was that considering that I never played anywhere else before besides in my bedroom and then the instant leap into playing right after the (back then) #1 DJ in the World. No real nightmares about being late for gigs yet though :-)

Plesire:Thats a really impressive kick start for a young DJ career! Thank you very much for this interview! It was a great honor and pleasure! :))
Ralphie B: Thanks a lot for the interview and your effort and see you again hopefully soon in near future!

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