Monday, 16 May 2011

Audiopraline`s Hot-in-the-air Podcasts and Radioshows Sequence: Manuel De La Mare

Ok, my dear, Im starting a new sequence today with the idea to put together in a pretty refined collection all radioshows and podcasts I follow and subscribe. As always I start with the ambition to select and recommend  only the quality stuff released every day, like I do with the artists, labels, etc. Also I will take a good care to publish links to all new episodes on time.

As we all know not every DJ is a great producer and not every producer is a great DJ, so the podcasts and the radioshows become yet another challenge for the artists- what to select, how to mix and present the tracks etc. Many people all over the world dont have the opportunity to follow their favorite DJ`s live for various reasons. Fortunately the podcast becomes a very easy, cheap and powerful instrument for all producers to keep their fans updated with the latest hot production, live sets and news. For me these are the perfect radioshow components which could guarantee success.

I hope you enjoy my suggestions and find them useful!

The first one I chose for you is the first episode of 303 Lovers/Hotfingers podcats. Italy, tasty tech house, Alex Kenji, Manuel De La Mare, Luiggi Rocca, first guest Stefano Noferini. Should I continue? If these words make positive associations in your mind, then this is your podcast. Here is the i-tunes link. Enjoy it!

Take care! I`ll be back soon with another one:))

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