Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Am Besten- Subway Baby

Do you feel the energy in this track? A double overdose of pure virtual adrenaline released on the beautiful date March, 13th, 2011 on Toolroom Records!

Subway Baby is probably the most enigmatic DJ and producer I have ever run into! The only bio I discovered is on his Discogs artist page and I guess its just the way he wants it. But in return for it on Subway Baby`s official website you can discover incredible amount of mixes and production you will fall in love with! Its the best techno sound ever!

Also you can follow and support Subway Baby on Facebook, where he just announced that his new track Rejoice (in a collaboration with the Swedish duo Hertz, so there are 3 producers in total involved here!) is number one in Umek April Chart 2011 on Beatport! Congratulations, Hertz and Baby! You deserve it!

Take care everyone! This world never stops to amaze me :))

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