Monday, 24 January 2011


Wohooo! Check this biography out, please! Seems like I just discovered for myself a Multi-talented Super Hero DJ! Dentistry, scuba diving, Jiu Jitsu ( just for the record, I have just a little affinity to martial arts), wonderful "south" house music producing... Very good I would say!

Now seriously, Im always happy to present such an amazing artists, who have not only launched huge amount of releases and mixes, but also have perfectly organized web sites and public profiles, so that we can enjoy their production entirely.

Lets start with Wehbba`s Soundcloud page, where you can literally spend the week exploring all uploaded sets and mixes. Also you can like Wehbba`s Facebook page or see all available production on Beatport.

Personally I suggest you this Wehbba remix of another very favorite DJ and producer of mine- Christian Smith.

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