Saturday, 8 January 2011



I cant believe how difficult is to discover any sort of information about the boys from Skytech. There is just no database about them -either on a website, or the pages of their labels Armada and Coldharbour Recordings, so I will try to create a very small one and please, if you know a proper source of information bring it on.

Now lets see what I discovered.
 1. Members: Mateusz Dziewulski, Julian Dziewulski- they just have to be brothers, dont you agree?
 2. Contact: they must be from...  Poland!

 3. Releases: Discogs -small quantity, but what a quality!
 4. Other interests: all about the sky!!! Just pay attention at the names of their tracks and you will get it. My other very favorite one is Comet, one of Markus Schulz most played tracks for the last year.

Here I give you the link to Skytech Facebook artist page and now you have the opportunity to play Inch High Private Eye by yourself for free! Isnt it amazing?!?

You will thank me later!

Take care, I`ll stick around for you, ok! :))

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