Thursday, 13 January 2011

Markus Schulz

Markus Schulz presents Global DJ Broadcast World Tour San Francisco (Recorded Live at Ruby Skye on December 31st, 2010

Usually I never have time to follow my favorite DJ`s radio and podcast episodes live on the radio, so I take my time to download and enjoy them on an appropriate, special moment of mine. Tonight was the "moment" for the last episode of Global DJ Broadcast.

Everybody who knows me would tell that Markus has always been my number one Dj, until I clashed with the tech house universe last year and kind of let my self explore it. But meanwhile I still kept half ear opened for the world of progressive and what this incredible Dj and kind man (its obvious he is super multi mega hyper attractive, but its absolutely no subject of this blog!) was doing, performing and selecting.

Markus Schulz released an album in 2010, called Do You Dream, which in my opinion, for one reason or another, hasnt released its full potential yet. And though Cass and Slide produced one of all time best progressive tracks called Perception and Markus set it on pedestal, he just couldnt make it bigger (for me) than it already was. He made it more commercial, more popular, more easy-digestible, he put Justine Suissa`s vocals on it... but the magic disappeared. I just dont like it and I say it with hand on my heart, though I still and always will believe everything that Markus touches- becomes gold. Here is the original version of this track - probably best progressive track of all times for me.

So lets "leave all that behind" as its said in the lyrics of Perception and let me tell you whats my fave track from Do You Dream album. Its Rain. The original video of this track is.. cool. Markus is great in it, I have never seen him so much "himself", so happy and full with joy and life. But.. ( there is "but" again) Why on earth did you remove the fantastic, amazing, soul-melting intro of this song for the video version? Why? That is a sin! No more comments about it.

Jennifer Rene made another great vocal impact in the world of trance and progressive. Here is Not The Same also included in Do You Dream. I hope this track will have a video soon- Jennifer is super sexy, sensual woman with incredible voice, would like to see something "juicy" with her, but who is asking me:))

Ok for final words of this unplanned and totally improvised article I would like to say that I was lucky enough to see Markus Schulz live in Bulgaria and dream about the day I will see him again. That is first, second- back to the Global DJ Broadcast episode: this ID track here is a massive destroyer! Beware, Im in love with it and I suspect that its one of Markus` future gems but the time will reveal.Third- while I was listening the episode I read a novel by .. Chekhov. A story, called "The house with the Mezzanine." It describes absolutely stunning summer nature in a Russian village and somehow it went along fantastic with he progressive sound of the mix. Right after that I just closed my eyes and found myself in the space 300 years from now on a spacecraft. Than, I had my red lip-stick on and had a gun in my hands... Thats enough- I get up to write!

How all that happened at a time? I guess it was the music converting every single thought into a pure magic.
I will sleep with the earphones on tonight. Its 1:24 AM.

Take care, everyone!

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