Saturday, 18 December 2010

DJ Orkidea

Orkidea: Radio Unity 024 - The Special Piano Mix by Orkidea

 Dec 15, 2010, evening. Im at home, my sweet daughter already sleeps. Im browsing the internet shivering-its deadly cold.

Miracles happen. I connect with people Ive been dreaming about. Afterhours post in facebook its DJ Orkidea time. "This fellow always plays surprising tracks"- I think to myself. Im in.

Piano classic. "What is going on? Where am I?" I check all opened pages and players. Then I close all except one. Itunes. Its confirmed- AH.FM connected, DJ Orkidea Radio Unity 024 is on air.

Its still that piano. I feel like Im there, in the dream. This is the only music ever possible to soundtrack my dreams! "Of course its not electronic sound, its too obvious for a dream!"- I think to myself. I know I am in love with everything happening at this moment. I made it happen! I did. Because and with the music.

Now back to the subject of this blog. Im happy to present you DJ Orkidea.

To be honest I find this person very enigmatic, probably because he doesnt expose himself too much on the social networks. But please, have a close look at his web site- its just brilliant! I hardly find so nicely and effectively organized DJ web page. Basically, there you can find all the necessary information and links, plus impressive bio and terrific picture gallery I just loved.

Take care and stay around! Miracles happen all the time :))

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