Sunday, 5 December 2010

Audiopraline`s "EDM Sweethearts" sequence presents: Mat Zo


This time I find it very difficult to present the artist, chosen to become the next Audiopraline`s Sweetheart! I dont know where to begin at, plus he is more mature and enigmatic, than sweet. I listen his tracks and mixes thinking: "What shoud I write? Great, amazing, genius?" I cant. Because this EDM Sweetheart is far beyond all the "massive-epic-awesome" definitions and tags the fans put on their favorite DJs. I am not a fan, I just discover him and trust me its my common sense speaking here: "He is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!"

Ok, lets continue with the facts and decide for yourself. Listen to this mix and tell me what do you think? Does it remind you of someone? Let me give you a hint: my all time fave progressive Dj and producer...

Yes, the early Markus Schulz! Thats the genuine progressive sound I hear in my headphones again and it feels like a deja vu, a long time ago lost and found love, a friend from your childhood or something. That is already sweet :)) Dear people, let me present you Mat Zo!

Born on 1 April, 1990 in UK, Matan Zohar was brought up in a very artistic family: his mother is a professional violinist and his father oil painter and devoted music fan. Initially attracted to jazz and rock, discovering electronic and house during his early teen-age, today Mat has found himself between the most promising trance and progressive DJs and producers in the world.The full and very inspiring story of his life and full list of Mat Zo tracks and remixes you can find on Discogs ,Wikipedia and his Facebook fan page.

Here I have selected for you the essentials of his amazing work, with the kind support of Sherry Bhullar, who was eagerly waiting for this EDM Sweetheart.

Subaquatic Dream       The Fractal Universe  
Tiesto-Driving to Heaven (Mat Zo Remix)    

Take care, I`ll be around for you and by the way if you have suggestion for the EDM Sweethearts series, a young DJ or producer you follow and support, born after 1990, please let me know about him! Your nominations for "Audiopralie`s EDM Sweethearts" are more than welcome.

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