Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Audiopraline`s "EDM Sweethearts" sequence presents: Juventa

"Favourite quotations: Follow your heart"- Jordin Post, facebook about

If there are words and chords to describe better the character of today`s "EDM Sweetheart" -please, be kind and help me find them.

This beautiful soul is born 16 years ago in The Netherlands and since 2009 he managed to release enough breathtaking tracks and remixes to amaze the world of trance music. Presenting himself as Juventa, Jordin lines up between the most emotional trance producers, with much love and beautiful feelings captured in his tracks.

The most astonishing fact about him I find he has experienced enough as producer, so now has come the time for Juventa to become a good.. DJ! In times when its not very hard to learn how to DJ, many, many boys and girls all over the world find it difficult to produce music, which makes them artists indeed. Fortunately our unique sweetheart is the other way around- check out what its all about, I just dont know where to start and put in order this avalanche of emotions and love.

A remix for dessert:

And some links to follow and find more information about Juventa, today`s Audiopraline`s EDM Sweetheart.

Also, check out the biography information in his MySpace page. Please, dont pass out, I already warned you about the age these babes start to produce music!

The only Juventa mix I found available in the net.

If you have links to other uploaded Juventa sets, please bring them on- its life saving! Take care! I`ll stick around for you :))

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